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Original Art By Angela

Artist Biography

Angela Mazzola Harris

I offer prints of my original work as well as framed original work in watercolor, oil, acrylic and pastel.  I have been painting for years and enjoy the challenge of working in different mediums.  The medium I most enjoy is watercolor.  My favorite method involves the application of layers of watercolor to rice paper using wax as a resist to achieve a batik-like effect!  Deep color appears with the application of multiple layers of paint, and wax is applied to areas when the desired level of color is achieved - until the entire painting is coated with a layer of wax.  The painting is then crinkled somewhat to line the wax and final paint colors are lightly brushed over the waxed surface.  The wax is then ironed off and the painting is revealed.  The final effect is not completely realized until the wax is removed allowing me to be pleasantly (and occasionally, unpleasantly) surprised.

I also enjoy carving linoleum blocks and creating block prints.  The challenge here is more one of design rather than color application. Occasionally, I work with oil, pastel and acrylic.

Recently, I began making fused glass jewelry and I believe this work will be a pleasant challenge for a long time to come.

In the past, my work has shown in galleries and placed in local competitions. 



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